PNIC Final Lap 

National Prize for Creative Industries (PNIC) is entering its final lap. SafeCity3D is one of the 10 finalists among 443 candidates.
The Business Plan was already submitted to the organization for appraisal and we are waiting the presentation stages.

Check out the final schedule.

Closed Alpha version released! 

We are happy to announce that we've completed another milestone in our journey to bring Safecity to life!

In this version, it is possible to customize your character, learn how to cross the road, get new items and follow the path of the coins to your destination!

You can play this Demo, but since we are still in Closed Alpha, you have to ask us for permission first.

"Immersive City" 

PNIC - Immersion

Integrated in the final phase of the National Prize, 2 members of our team were present in PNIC's entrepreneurship workshop. During the 3 days passed at Foz do Douro (Porto), we got from designing a business model to practicing Buddhistic exercises. There were plenty of networking activities so we got to know a little bit more about the projects of the other teams and already met some potential partners. Looks promising!


We are proud to announce that SafeCity is among the 10 finalists for the National Prize for Creative Industries. Our project was chosen from a total number of 443 submissions.

This prize promotes new entrepreneurship projects, within the creative field, that are innovative, sustainable and capable of promoting Portuguese talent both nationally and abroad.

Website launched! 

Welcome to SafeCity3D's website!
SafeCity3D is a digital educational game that allows children from 5 to 14 years, to learn and be coached about behaviors of Security, Prevention and Tolerance using 3D virtual environments that mimic real spaces surrounding schools. The game works individually or collectively, providing different types of roles and allowing play in any scenario covered on the platform, through a catalog (country / city).

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